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n. the rule that a law enforcement officer may make a search and seizure without obtaining a search warrant if evidence of criminal activity or the product of a crime can be seen without entry or search. Example: a policeman stops a motorist for a minor traffic violation and can see in the car a pistol or a marijuana plant on the back seat, giving him "reasonable cause" to enter the vehicle to make a search. Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary The rule that allows a law enforcement officer to seize evidence of a crime, without obtaining a search warrant, when that evidence is in plain sight. Plain View plain view n 1: a location or field of perception in which something is plainly apparent 2: a doctrine that permits the search, seizure, and use of evidence obtained without a search warrant when such evidence was plainly perceptible in the course of lawful procedure and the police had probable cause to believe it was. The plain view doctrine allows law enforcement to search and seize property without obtaining a search warrant based on evidence of criminal activity, because that property is out in. Legal definition for PLAIN VIEW DOCTRINE: A rule in criminal law that permits a law enforcement officer to inspect and seize evidence of a crime that is in the plain sight of the officer without first obtaining a se.

Legal definition of plain view: a location or field of perception in which something is plainly apparent. This power is separate and apart from the common law doctrine of plain view seizure. [11] See Canadian Criminal Procedure and Practice/Search and Seizure/Seizure of. In our view, people who are subject to decisions made by law enforcement may fairly question whether these online statements about race, religion, ethnicity and the acceptability of violent policing—among other topics—inform officers’ on-the-job behaviors and choices.

Thus, I agree with the Court that even under the plain-view doctrine, probable cause is required before the police seize an item, or conduct a full-blown search of evidence in plain view. Ante, at 326-328. Such a requirement of probable cause will prevent the plain-view doctrine from authorizing general searches. This is not to say, however. The Plain View Doctrine Defined. Imagine you are relaxing in your living room listening to music. You have a handgun and a bag filled with cash sitting just inside your front door. Arizona v. Hicks, 480 U.S. 321 1987, held that the Fourth Amendment requires the police to have probable cause to seize items in plain view. The reason is the "plain view doctrine." Plain View Doctrine “Plain view” is a theory used by many officers to develop probable cause for a search. Anything that can be seen through the window of your car is in “plain view”, even if the officers have to use a flash light to see in. Once officers have probable cause that a crime has been. The Plain View Project, launched by Philadelphia lawyer Emily Baker-White, examined the accounts of about 2,900 officers from eight departments across the country and an additional 600 retired officers from those same departments. She compiled posts that represented troubling conduct in a database that is replete with racist imagery and memes.

In defendant s view, the inadvertence requirement is consonant with the true touchstone of New Jersey s search-and-seizure law -- when the police have probable cause to believe that contraband will be at a certain place at a certain time, they must get a warrant. Accordingly, defendant submits that warrantless plain-view seizures are not lawful. The plain view doctrine has been accepted in both the United States and Canada as an exception to the rule that requires police officers to obtain a search warrant prior to conducting a search. 1 It permits a police officer to seize an item that is within his or her sight without a warrant, provided that the officer is legally in a position to see it and the item is immediately recognizable. Plain View Doctrine Definition: The authority for law enforcement officers, otherwise lawfully upon premises gut not armed with a search warrant, to seize any item within their line of sight and reasonably believed to be related to the commission of a crime. You wanted a summary of the law on search and seizure regarding the plain view exception. You also wanted us to discuss the law in relation to a case described in a recent Hartford Courant article.

The "Plain View" Doctrine. Under the plain view doctrine, officers may lawfully seize evidence of a crime without a search warrant if it's in plain view. For example, if an officer sees a glass pipe with what appears to be drug residue in the backseat after stopping a motorist for running a red light, the officer may seize the pipe. The officer. Plain View Doctrine Definition - The plain view doctrine is a law that allows for a law enforcement officer to enter private premises for the purpose. The legal principle that objects in plain view of a law enforcement agent who has the right to be in a position to have that view may be seized without a warrant and introduced as evidence. The officer may not pick up or examine an item to determine whether it is contraband, stolen, etc., the officer must have probably cause in order to seize.

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